Admission Process

This module allows you to manage the admissions of all the students quickly along with their details like the personal profile, family information, previous school details, transfer and birth certificate, etc.


  • Manage registration and entire admission process of the students for each academic year
  • Storing students previous school history and certificates
  • Admission of students to a specific academic year in a specific stream, medium, standard, and division with ease
  • Accept / Reject student admissions
  • On acceptance of admission process, automatic transfer of details of the student/staff to school register and school records without any paperwork
  • Get the complete view of the student’s admission form with photo
  • Generate customized reports to get statistics on student admission

Student Management

A quick and easy module to search and access all your student records, both current and achieved using various filters.


  • Students’ Details like his class, section, etc. can be stored securely in a centralized system
  • The centralized system to keep track of students throughout his academic career in the school
  • Complete details of the student can be viewed
  • You can freeze/unfreeze students as per choice
  • Search students belonging to a particular class, standard, or stream
  • You can also search details of a specific student using his name through the advanced search option

Fee Management

This is one of the most important modules for all educational institutions. As this module is closely linked with it is related to finance it needs to be understandable and easily manageable so that there is no chance of error.


  • Define Fee Type of school
  • Update Student Fees
  • Fee Payment
  • Fee Reminder
  • Fee Due/Paid List
  • Fee Management
  • Fee Receipt
  • Fee Plans
  • Fee-Related Reports
  • Fee Masters

Logistic Management

This module allows you to manage and keep a record of the school logistics ultimately.


  • Manage record of school consumables and durables proficiently
  • Manage the whole logistics of computers, equipment, furniture, and fixture of the school with its items and different categories and assign different items to different categories
  • Keep the record of purchase order management and product inspections
  • Get stock reports of school and alert for the shortage of particular items
  • Keep the record of purchase order listing and vendor-supplier listing of the school

Staff Management

Staff Management module allows you to manage all the details of the staff like their details, educational details, login details, salary structure, leaves granted, etc. Facility to freeze/unfreeze staff members in case they are going to leave the school. You can also change the salary or leave details of appropriate staff.


  • Manage all the details of the staff members along with their personal, login, educational details and other details.
  • Manage all the details related to class allotment and work allotment
  • Facility of updating work schedules of every staff
  • Freeze/unfreeze staff details in case of their leaving the school


Payroll module provides facility to maintain staff information with salary generation, their attendance and leave related record. Employees with the help of their online login can also check Payslip, Allowances & Deductions (CCA, PF, HRA, etc.) facility for Tax calculation, i.e., TDS, Gratuity, etc.


  • Management of employee master, their salary plans, salary vouchers, salary bill, role, etc.
  • School management, as well as employees, i.e., staff, can check pay slips, allowances and deduction allowed
  • Provident Fund related reports can also be generated
  • Attendance and leave related records can be viewed and managed

Class Management & Class Creation

This module configures and manages multiple class and section creation. One can create clear and error-free timetables within minutes ensuring the best utilization and optimization of teachers and employees across the institution and thus displays class wise revenue too. Timetable can be managed through mapping of a slot with a respective subject, subject teacher chapter, topic.


  • Management of class and section creation
  • Creating and publishing timetable and results that can be viewed and accessed by staff, students and parents
  • Management of class-wise revenue generation
  • Scheduler
  • Class Wise
  • Teacher Wise
  • Subject Wise
  • Free Schedule
  • Compensatory Schedule etc.

Exam Management

Exam management module automates the scheduling of examinations, Marks entry notifying students and parents, result and report card preparation. Students & Parents can check the result on online via Mobile APP of School.


  • Management of exam and marks scheme
  • Preparation of result and report card is automated

Accountancy Management

Secure, comprehensive, and robust- the finance module provides a fast and efficient way to register financial transactions, automate transactions and generate financial reports that will help you gain financial insight on managing costs and expenditures. With the integrated fees module, the school can easily collect fees from the students using online payment gateways. The module also provides features for managing dues, discounts, refunds, challan generation & confirmation along with multiple reports.


  • Complete management of Cash/bank books, journal, debit-credit notes, purchase & sales register, outstanding statements, ledgers, trial balance, etc.
  • Preparation of Profit & Loss Statement and Balance Sheet
  • Evaluation of financial health of the institution through various reports

Library Management

Through this module, you can efficiently manage and track all the operations performed in your library, from cataloging of books to maintaining records of books issued and overdue and lot many other things related to library management.


  • Manage books and keeps the record of all the books present in the library
  • Issue/return of books can take place from this section
  • Issue/Return Report shows a report of the student to whom the book is issued and from whom the book is returned back
  • Student database consist data of all students who took or returned single or multiple books from the library during the whole academic year

Transportation (Buses) Management

This module manages and optimizes your entire transportation operation to ensure safe and efficient transport of students to and from school. This module maintains vehicle and routing details, collect transportation fees and track the number of students using school transportation facility.


  • Manage entire transport system of the school, route and route stop
  • Integrated with Google Maps to easily define bus routes
  • Route and stop allocation
  • Reduce calls and complaints to your transportation department
  • Parent’s can visualize the route their child’s bus will be taking to and from school with the help of a mobile app

Student Database (Administration) Management

School Administrative module allows you to carry out seamlessly all the administrative tasks which consume a lot of time and requires much attention and efforts. It manages many of the things which your school carries out on a daily basis including Human Resource Management. The user can manage school administrative tasks easily and make reports on the daily basis of different tasks to monitor all the departments of the system.


  • Edit/Delete Data categories created
  • Manage entire data of the school
  • Customize the fields as required by the user
  • Robust data management system available